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Massage Services

Each massage service has a short descriptor below. A pdf of all services and prices can be found by clicking here.

Massage packages and specials are available. UConn students receive a 10% discount (services only).


Most common type of massage which aims to promote healing, relaxation, and stress relief.

Deep Tissue

Designed to relieve muscle tension and pain by applying deeper pressure to the muscles.

Prenatal Massage

Reduces muscle tensions related to pregnancy and promotes stress relief.

Oncology Massage

Highly individualized massage that uses techniques which specifically address the complications of cancer and cancer related treatments.

Four Handed Massage

Massage given with four hands (i.e. two people massaging at once).

Home Massage

Get a relaxing massage at home! Available for those in the Mansfield area. Call for pricing.

Couples Massage

Massage for couples at the studio. Also available at home (call for home pricing).

Special Occasions

For special occasions like corporate or bridal events or a girls night out, we offer special packages and pricing. Massages for a group can be at home, at the studio, or (if you can convince your boss that it is a team building exercise) at work. Call for more information.

Massage Packages + Specials

Healthy Habit Package

Develop a healthy habit! Sign up for the Healthy Habit program at $60 per month and receive a discounted 60 minute massage every month. A similar package is available for 90 minute massages.

Special Six

Buy six 60 minute massages at once and get one massage free! Similarly, buy six 90 minute massages at once and get one massage free!

Thrifty Three

Buy three massages at once for a discounted price on each massage.